Ethan Moiré

Charismatic member of the Kerberos Club who is not born of England.


Ethan Moiré has been in the Kerberos Club for seven years now and, despite his relative youth, has provided an invaluable level of insight into the fallen order of Teutonic Knights, the Undead Revolution of Haiti and other strange happenings within the last fifty years.

Only recently have tales begun to arise from the strange place where rumours are born. Ethan looks remarkably spry for a man who should be approaching 30. In the last seven years, no-one has so much as seen him sneeze. Those with connections within the Société Scientifique Impériale have heard odd stories surrounding Ethan from over twenty years ago.

While being a reasonable and social gentleman, Ethan seems unwilling to share anything about himself or his history, unlike the acclaimed Richard Brandon.

When inquiries have been made to the older members of the Kerberos Club, they have refused to speak, or even look sheepish.

Ethan Moiré

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